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Bun Kee (International) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, was established in 1949 and commenced its business as a retail shop of pipe and fittings. Over 70 years since its establishment, it has developed into the largest pipe and fittings solution provider in Hong Kong and Macau. The Group with its headquarters in Hong Kong, was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2000 (00380.hk). The Group was formerly known as China Pipe Group Limited and subsequently renamed as Softpower International Limited in 2015 as it continues to develop new businesses and enhance its integrated capabilities to create value for all stakeholders.

Softpower International has shown steady growth in recent years. With decades of hardwork, the pipe retail shop has developed into a leading enterprise within the pipe industry across Hong Kong and Macau. Apart from continuously enhancing its own integrated capabilities and ensuring a steady development of the pipe business, the Company also strives to bring high-quality products, technologies and resources from all around the world to China, Hong Kong and Macau markets.  The Company matches such products and assets with its business to promote the economic development of the local regions.

Sustainable development and growth are the key priorities for the Company. The Company makes uses of its local operating capabilities and global advanced technologies to promote both economic development and environmental protection. Softpower International has also included environmental protection and management in its operating priorities and strategies to align its own business development with environmental sustainability.    

Striving towards its vision of “serving China with global assets via an international platform”,  the Company leverages on its operational capabilities and the unique position of Hong Kong to be well connected to the business world. Geographical locations of the airport and seaports provide strong support to the logistic channels of the Company. Unique tax advantages minimise overheads for business development of the Company. Availability of efficient capital and debt financing as well as a reputable legal system also helps boost its business development.                  

In addition to entrenching its existing pipe business further, Softpower International will continue to focus on exploration of new sectors and development of new businesses. It will continue to strive towards stronger globalisation, all-roundedness and professionalism. Softpower International will leverage global resources and its unique strengths to make a strong contribution to the economic development of China.    

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