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Enviromental, Social & Governance (ESG)

The flagship subsidiary of Softpower International Limited (“Softpower International” or the “Group”), Bun Kee (International) Limited, was established in 1949 and has developed from a pipe’s retail shop into an integrated enterprise. It is principally engaged in trading of construction materials, mainly pipes and fittings in Hong Kong and Macau. Widely known as the leading pipe company in Hong Kong and Macau, Softpower International was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2000.

Owing to a high reputation in Hong Kong and Macau, the Group mainly provides services for local contractors, designers, consultants and government agencies. As a leading enterprise in construction materials, mainly pipes and fittings industry, the Group provides a wide range of pipes, fittings and comprehensive pipeline project solutions that cater to different market segments covering civil engineering, fire control, air conditioning, plumbing and maintenance services. In addition, the Group also offers goods storage and logistics services for local main contractors and landlords.

Since the financial year of 2016, the Group will publish Environmental, Social and Governance Report annually. Through reporting the Group’s policy, measure and performance in the environment, social and governance aspects, its aims to let stakeholders enhance understanding of the Group’s progress and direction in sustainable development.  The report is contained in our annual report, please refer to the “Environmental, Social and Governance Report” section in the annual report which has been uploaded on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and our company’s website under the section of “Investors Relations – Financial Reports”.

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