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Our company has been awarded “Caring Company Logo” by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for three consecutive years in recognition of our concerted and sustained efforts towards carrying out our commitment on corporate social responsibility.

Voluntary Services

We encourage our employees to organise and participate in voluntary activities.

We support and provide substantive resources to our employees for joining voluntary activities.

2020.09.23 Blood Donation Campaign


We provide monetary or material donations to the charities or specified organisations and encourage employees, customers or partners to contribute to such donations.

Caring Staff

Pursuant to the employment contracts, we provide standard working conditions and benefits in compliance with HKSAR Employment Ordinance.

We provide activities, counseling or supporting services to employees to help them handle work stress, improve inter-personal relationships, health, personal or family affairs.

We have internal communication channel, employee consultation or grievance mechanism to let employees understand more on the company’s decisions as well as for them to express their opinions. Our senior management will meet with frontline staff to listen and discuss their concerns and opinions, particularly in some changes which impact their work and benefits.

Environmental Concern

We have set up green measures or strategy plan/activity in our daily operations to promote environmental protection.

We have established carbon reduction measures in transportation and logistics processes in order to reduce environmental impact.

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